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Updated: Oct 29, 2022


Anyone not on TWITTER it is very easy to join and do a basic TWEET (comment)

The three main icons are below PICTURE CIRCLE , PROFILE and HOMEPAGE

The circle will ask for a picture or a logo ,and that appears at top page, same as in FACEBOOK.That also turns in to a a smaller (same picture ) button to get in to your PROFILE (Main public viewed page).

Your HOMEPAGE bringing in TWEETS from outside, and your FOLLOWERS TWEETS. This page is where public can not view, and you can RETWEET what you like to the PROFILE PAGE (Public page).

PROFILE Goes out to the public

HOMEPAGE Your to view only

I am looking to get one new FOLLOWER every week .There are 5 FOLLOWING now 12/09/22 so about 20 total by end of year!!


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